My Professional Bucket List

This is a growing list list of all of the things I would love to do/achieve and the people I would love to work with in my life, in no particular order. If none of it ever happens, then I’ll just have to not live with that. But, I think, if I can cross one thing off of this list, then I’ll be able to die happy.

Doubtful, any of these will ever ever happen, but it’s ok to dream.

Write a musical with Adam Duritz.

Collaborate on a project with Rooster Teeth productions.

Write and publish a fantasy story as an epic poem.

Have a book cover painted by Larry Ellmore or Luis Royo.

Have a word that I invent placed in a respectable dictionary.

Write a song with Jonathan Coulton.

Write the ultimate choose your own adventure book using an HTML format.


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