The Glorious Day I Met Our Supreme Cyber Overlord.

So, a little while ago I was working with my cousin handing out food at a fair that Facebook was putting on for their employees. A man walked up to me and asked what we were serving, I told him, and with a look on his face that was the perfect combination of “meh” and “bummer” he walked away.

It was an expression I had become familiar with throughout the day as the deep fried food I was serving was something far more at home at a 4H meet in Nebraska than at a fair put on by a Silicon Valley tech company. There were plenty of people who were very happy to see the food, but they were all, invariably, from either the south or the midwest.

But as the man walked away a feeling of familiarity hit me. At first I thought it was just the setting. I had seen plenty of nerdy, socially awkward white guys that day and, to be honest, that tends to be a fairly common descriptor for the folks in my social circles as well (maybe I should branch out more…). But it was more than that. I knew that face, but from where?


“Think, think, think…” as Mr. Pooh suggests.

Oh, that’s right… I remember now.

That was Mark Zuckerberg… He only, y’know, owns the internet and the dreams, thoughts and wishes of the world’s population. How could I forget?

Sooooo, in 20-30 years I can tell my grandkids that I suggested some very delicious Deep Fried Pickle Chips to our Supreme Cyber Overlord and we’ll all squawk with glee as we perform the daily backup of our souls into the massive super computer that is our Supreme Cyber Overlord.



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