Been A While… And By “While” I Mean 5 Months.

So I noticed earlier today that I’ve been neglecting my beautiful, rarely-read blog and felt it was time to update the three people that will read this as to what I’ve been up to.

Well this is what:

First off, I’m taking a temporary hiatus on my Fantasy Western novel that my brother and I are writing in order to focus on a couple of things that I really needed to get out of my system.

And these are those:

I’ve started developing and writing the first draft of the pilot episode to a sitcom based on my time in the military. After all the hub-bub about Snowden and the NSA’s Prism scandal it made me realize that America’s perception of the intelligence community is like if you asked someone who only watched ER, Grey’s Anatomy and House to describe the medical community, or if you asked someone who only watched CSI, Numbers or Bones how proper police procedure worked. There’s just a lack of knowledge out there. Of course, that part and parcel of dealing in secrets. People don’t trust people that keep secrets. But in the deviation between people’s perception and the truth of the matter I found the potential for comedy. So I’m developing a sitcom that would show a more realistic and, in some ways, more depressing version of life “behind the fence.” Kind of like what “Scrubs” did for medical shows and what “The Office” did for corporate life. Once the script for the first episode is complete I’m going to send it out to literary agencies that focus on television.

Secondly I’ve started working on issue one of a comic book with my brother, Andrew Armstrong, and an artist from Poland named Mac Radwanski. On its surface it’s a sci-fi superhero comic but deeper down it’s mine and my brother’s take on the literary potential inherent in the comic book format and a light critique on the current state of popular comic book titles. We’re working on the first 8 pages of the comic and when it’s complete we’ll be sending it out to publishers. If it doesn’t get picked up we’ll explore the options of either a Kickstarter campaign and/or releasing the comic as a webcomic.

The last thing I’ve done in the last five months was start mulling over the possibilities of a videogame based musical. I haven’t given it much thought yet, because it’ll be years and years and even more annos (Latin FTW!!) until it would be feasible to even begin thinking about producing it. But it’s part of what I’ve been doing these many months.

And that’s the scoop.

The fantasy western is still a priority for both of us, I just needed to explore some other thoughts and concepts that were hindering my focus on the novel.

As a not-great-but-okay man once said, “Catch you on the flip side.”


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