“Wicked Dead, Right” – terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: 22 Feb 2013

Well, Chuck Wendig over at his blog, terribleminds, piqued my imagination again this week with his Flash Fiction Challenge, Game of Aspects.

Basically, you roll a 10-sided die on three tables to figure out what you’re going to be writing about. If you want a more in depth breakdown of the rules, you can (and should) go to his blog by clicking the link above.

I happened to roll a 7 for Zombie Apocalypse, a 5 for Shopping Mall, and a 3 for a Puzzle Box, I almost cheated and rerolled, but I got an idea and shat out this goofy thing. 320 words, or there abouts.

*   *   *

“Wicked Dead, Right?” by Brian C Hall

“I got a crazy fuckin’ story for you, dude. So, me and my buddy, ‘Compact’ Carl… We call him that ‘cause he’s small. I know! Clever shit, right? Well, him and me was in the Spencer’s in the mall, right? Yeah, that place with all the genius fart jokes in it! Well, he was fuckin’ with that nerd box. You know, the colorful one where you’se takes the stickers off to solve it? Yeah, that’s the one! The Ruby’s Cube! Well, he puts back the last sticker and solves the puzzle, right? Yeah, I don’t know what the big deal is either. Those things are fuckin’ easy. Well, he does that shit and then BANG! There’s this flash and a loud ass noise and somethin’ that smelled like straight dick buttah! I look around and notice everything’s gone fuckin’ gonzo. Wicked fuckin’ crazy! I look around… Everyone’s a fuckin’ zombie! Yeah, fuckin’ crazy, right? You know that fat fuck, Tony? Yeah, Tony ‘Bologna Macaroni and Cheese.’ Yeah, the guy always hangin’ around Sbarro starin’ at the honies. That creep… Well, he’s a fuckin’ zombie now! That douche nozzle mall cop, Rick ‘The Dick’? Yeah, the quarterback from our high school. Fuckin’ zombie, now. Oh, and, you know that skank from the Hot Topics that won’t put out even though she looks like half a ho bag to begin with, but I totally banged ‘cause I’m wicked fuckin’ good with the bitches? You guessed it, she’s a fuckin’ zombie! So I go over to Carl and I’m like, ‘Yo, motherfucker. Everyone’s a fuckin’ zombie,’ and he’s like, ‘Dude! So are you,’ and I’m like, ‘Whaaaat?’ So I grab the mirror out of my back pocket and lo and motherfuckin’ behold, I’m a god damned zombie! So I ate Carl’s brains. What you been up to this weekend?”

“Ah, you know. Played Madden, became a zombie, got high. Not much to tell.”


2 responses to ““Wicked Dead, Right” – terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: 22 Feb 2013

    • Danke. First comment for this blog and it’s positive. A much-needed and encouraging start. I hopped over to your blog and signed up for the email subscription. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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